Bunny Village Rescue

We know many people who are looking to adopt, foster, or rehome their bunny for various reasons. We never judge! We know life happens! From time to time we will post pictures here of stories and their needs. If you know someone who needs help, let us know and we will help you help them!

Feel free to communicate with us anytime regarding what you are looking for and we will help find your answer. All people and bunnies deserve each other at some point in their life. We will always be taking donations to anyone who wants to help as well! Donations can be mailed or we can receive them on our website as well. Thank you so much for considering donating to us!

Email: BunnyVillageBuns@gmail.com or  Text: 330-961-1320

Donations can be mailed to:

Bunny Village Rescue
P.O. Box 695
Uniontown, OH 44685


Bunnies Available for Adoption

 If you are interested in any of the following bunnies please submit an email as to why you think you would be a good fit to BunnyVillageBuns@gmail.com  We will reply back to you within 72 hours with questions or a decision. 

No current bunnies available for adoption


Located: Northeastern Ohio
Name: Pumpkin
Gender: Doe
Approx. Age: 9 months
Breed/Color: Rex Red
Spayed: No
Litter trained: no
Free Roam: yes, in child's bedroom supervised during the day. Caged during school and at night.
Comments: Pumpkins is very sweet, cute and good with kids. Mom has become pregnant and the preteen has not taken responsibility for the rabbit and would like for the rabbit to have a better life with someone who might be able to care for it better since she will be having a baby soon.