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 Bunny Experience

Home of the Bunny Experience. We take visits by appointment only as we only have one bunny area. Have a blast with our bunnies in a relaxed atmosphere where you can pet, brush, feed, read to and cuddle our 5-12 bunnies. You can book your appointment on our website; $10 per person per hour. We can take up to 4 people at a time so bring your friends. Click here to schedule your visit.

Need a bunny break? We currently have 12 bonded bunnies! This means, your bunny experience will be a seeing, petting, feeding, brushing, reading to and just being with five or more of our 13 bunnies all at one time! This is such a magical moment for any animal lover.

View the video to get a preview. Our bunnies are housed outside in a 10 x 20 foot dog kennel. This allows for plenty of air flow and the bunnies love it. Bring your play cloths as sometimes bunnies can be messy with their food and water. We will provide some snacks for you to feed the bunnies, toys to play with, brushes and even bunny books to read to the bunnies. They love smooth soft talking and slow movements. We will provide a quick educational snippet in the beginning of each session. We only allow 4 new people in the Bunny Village at a time and this is best for ages 5 and up, though we will allow younger as long as the parent to child ration is 1 to 1.  


Before we had 17 bunnies, we only had 11 at Bunny Village!  See if you can guess who is who in the video! (Those in Bold Font you will see at the Bunny Experience)

  1. Carmal (New Zealand)
  2. Snowball (New Zealand)
  3. Nova (New Zealand)
  4. Tigger (New Zealand)
  5. Thor (Flemish)
  6. Gucci (REW Giant Angora)
  7. Peace (REW Giant Angora)
  8. Harmony (REW Giant Angora)
  9. Teddy (Mini Rex mix)
  10. Rocky (Mini Rex mix)
  11. Braeburn (French Lop)
  12. Judy Hopps (Blue Dutch)
  13. Chester (Dutch)
  14. Chewbacca (Tort Lionhead)
  15. Munchkin (Mini Rex mix)
  16.  Marshmallow (Pearl Mini Lop)
  17. Bethany (REW Giant Angora)