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Little Giant Farm & Ag Miller Manufacturing RHCK1 Complete Rabbit Hutch Kit - Bunny Village Gifts

Little Giant Farm & Ag Miller Manufacturing RHCK1 Complete Rabbit Hutch Kit

SKU: fe1a9705-7b46-471a-bf11-6c097c4aee59
  • Includes: 24" x 24" x 16" wire hutch dropping pan frame kit 5" sifter feeder with lid 32 oz. Water bottle cage clips and wire clip Pliers.
  • Kit includes everything needed for rabbit raising
  • 24" x 24" x 16" hutch
  • Plastic dropping pan
  • High quality frame kit

Product Description

Cage Clips, 1-pound bag

  • Designed for assembling 14 to 16-gauge wire panels for rabbit hutches
  • Ferrule-type clips wrap around wire or other material to fasten it together
  • Great for many other uses around farm, home, and shop
  • 1-pound package contains enough clips to assemble three to four average-size wire units
  • For easy installation, use with the Pet Lodge Wire Clip Pliers (Item No. ACP2, sold separately)

Wire Clip Pliers

  • Attaches ferrule-type wire clips to wire products and structures
  • Use for assembling or repairing wire panels for rabbit hutches, and pet homes
  • Heavy-gauge metal
  • Comfort-grip plastic-covered handles
  • Works with Pet Lodge Wire Cage Clips (Item Nos. ACC1 and ACC120, sold separately)

White Salt Spool, 24 pc Counter Display

  • Tasty treat for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chinchillas
  • Provides a source of salt
  • Appropriate for free-choice feeding (animals will consumeonly what they need)
  • Each spool is 2 inch in diameter by 1 inch thick
  • Can be hung inside the hutch with the Pet LodgeSpool Hanger (Item No. SSH1, sold separately)

24 Inch by 24 Inch Rabbit Hutch

  • Chew-proof, rust resistant, easy-to-clean galvanized steel wire hutch for indoor or outdoor use
  • Protective vinyl guards around door; spring-tension door latch
  • Assembly required; wire clips are included
  • Stackable up to four high when used with the Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch Frame Kit (Item No. AHFK24, sold separately)
  • Dropping pan not included

About Miller Manufacturing Company

Miller Manufacturing Company is a customer-driven manufacturer and international distributor of farm, ranch, and pet products. Our products are sold through distributors that serve retailers of farm and ranch products in the USA, Canada and over 30 countries around the world. Sold under the brand names of Little Giant, Hot-Shot, Springer Magrath, Double-Tuf, Pet Lodge, and API, Miller Manufacturing’s catalog features over 1,000 products.

Begun as a family-owned business in 1941, Miller Manufacturing is today owned and operated by Frandsen Corporation of North Branch, MN. At the core of Miller’s values is its dedication to American manufacturing, with most products in the Miller catalog being designed, manufactured, and distributed in the US.

Miller's focus has remained within its core channel in the farm and ranch market since 1941, while also developing and providing innovative solutions to a broad range of customers. Sold alongside time-tested solutions in the catalog, this blend of products makes Miller a one-stop shop for companies looking for a full breadth of quality, cost-competitive products for the farm and ranch consumer.